Monday, August 2, 2010

a LONG overdue update!

It has been quite some time since I wrote a blog post. A lot of it has to do with I've been feeling really rather rough with tummy pain, nausea, fatigue, and all the joys of Crohn's. I have been progressively getting worse health wise since the spring.

I saw a GI and he ran a small bowel follow-through (via NG) which showed narrowing/strictures. Surgery was discussed, but the doctors had to do studies first to try and narrow down where to go/cut. They scheduled a colonoscopy but I could not keep the prep down, therefore it didn't work. The second colonoscopy they had my due the prep over a week! I was on low residue + miralax for a few days, then liquids and miralax, finished by nothing and miralax. They were able to do the scope thankfully and that was over on June 11th.

I thought finally they have what they need - surgery will be scheduled - wrong. I've been on pain management for 5yrs. This entails 30mgs of Oxycontin every 12hrs (60mgs a day). The surgeon was concerned with being able to keep my pain under control during recovery, so she wanted to set up a plan with my physician who handles the pain management...more waiting. The surgeon and my physician came up with an aftercare plan that is safe; now all I needed was pre-op physical for surgery scheduled on August 4th!

I go for the physical and fill out the forms. I list medications - and the part where it says medicines during the last 30 days. I recently had a prostate infection, and what turned out to be an abdominal abscess. I was put on the antibiotic Cipro so I listed it on the form. The pre-op doctor started asking me about the infections, and I had a low grade fever of 99.9f. She explained to me she could not clear me for surgery until my blood work returned, and my white blood cell count was known. The blood work was sent for stat testing - and sure enough my white blood cell count was up around 20 thousand; a normal count is 5-10 thousand. They put me back on Cipro and I had to return this morning to have my white blood cell recounted - it dropped a whopping 1 thousand! Surgery on the 4th was canceled, and I the antibiotic Flagyl was added to the Cipro.

I spoke to the surgeon today and she explained why it important to have my white blood cell count lower. After surgery my white blood cell count is going to naturally go up since it is going to have lots of areas to "fix". If my cell count is already high - even HIGHER could be dangerous. This helped in the disappointment I felt knowing that Wed's surgery was not a reality - they just want the best for me. My surgery has been rescheduled for Aug 23rd, 2010! It is NOT THAT long away ....but I just want it over already.

OK I am done! I appreciate everyone's comments, support, and friendship more then anyone knows. I truly hope that everyone is doing well. All my best to everyone - Jason