Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to write a real fast update! I am basically just waiting ... I switched liver doctors recently - because I was not happy with my old doctor. He would never answer questions, barely talk to me, and had the worst bed side manner. The new doctor I am seeing came highly recommended, and I really like him.

He has sent the paperwork out to Indiana University for the transplant evaluation team to contact me. I chose Indiana University (in Indianapolis, Indiana) because they are highly ranked among liver transplantation - and my doctor recommended them.

I've been in and out of the hospital a couple times since my last post do to fluid collection, and some breathing issues. It seems I've developed a syndrome in my lungs from the cirrhosis called Hepatopulmonary syndrome. This syndrome causes the veins of the lungs to broaden making it difficult for the lungs to fully expand. The only treatment for this is oxygen until after the transplant - the syndrome will(should) go away after.

That is where things stand ... I want to thank EVERYONE for all the incredible support and words of encouragement. They have helped more then anyone knows - they give me hope.

I hope this update finds everyone well (as can be) - and I'll write more soon! Jason

Here is a video from The Mayo Clinic discussing Hepatopulmonary syndrome