Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!! As I right this post it is currently 1:30am est Jan 1st, 2010. How amazing that another decade as come and gone.

For many years since 1999, when the Crohn's Disease got really bad, I couldn't fathom where I'd be 11 years later. Now here I am 11 years later, and wow what a roller coaster it's been. From being diagnosed, to my first bowel resection, living in Chicago, the death of my mother, more surgery, disability, life in limbo.

When I created the Crohn's Disease Support Network (CDSN) I knew nothing about web design. I created CDSN on 9.24.09 and I am shocked and humbled that there are currently 241 members. I've always ever wanted to help people - I was going to go to university for social work. I feel like for the first time I've been given the opportunity and it feels amazing...truly cathartic.

I have met a ton of people now with Crohn's Disease, and it has been amazing to talk to people who experience the same issues I go through. It's ironic for years the last thing I wanted was support. Then when I did, I searched and never really found anything that resonated with me. Now I have great support, and able to offer it to others.

I really hope that things continue to head in the direction they are going regarding CDSN - my health that is something that needs to be worked on still. I still am having a hard time. It seems since starting Humira that I've had more issues then before. It is unfortunate, as I had high hopes for it; not the end of the road yet though. I still have some treatments I haven't tried, like Imuran and LDN.

Thank you everyone who takes the time to read this blog, the members of CDSN, and all my friends. I can't wait to see what is in store for 2010. The one resolution I made this New Year is to spread as much awareness as possible - the END of "What is Crohn's Disease?" A disease silent for too long.

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