Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Thoughts - An Update

Hi! I haven't written a blog in a few weeks now. I've been preparing gathering medical records and what not for my appointment with my new GI on Feb 8th. I am optimistic about seeing him, as he comes highly recommended from my counselor/social worker.

My health has been it's ever joyful Crohn's joy - HA. I have to say though, being off Humira has actually helped me in feeling back to "normal" for me. The dehydration issues I was having are gone - as is the insomnia. Dehydration was causing other fun complications - which have all passed. I am always feel run down, but on Humira I felt even more so. I am a firm believer though that just because a medicine doesn't work for ONE person - doesn't mean it's a bad medicine. For all those taking Humira - I don't think it's a bad drug ...just wasn't right for me.

CDSN everyday amazes me! From the members and their stories, the content being shared - the pictures and videos, the support being offered from one member to the next. My hope for CDSN is becoming a reality - to aid people whose lives have been effected by Crohn's and to spread as much awareness possible for Crohn's Disease and IBD in general. I know I've said it many times, but truly I am so humbled by the feedback, comments, and response that CDSN has generated. There are MILLIONS of websites - I never imagined people would find and respond so positively...THANK YOU! People helping ...that IS CDSN and it wouldn't be what it is w/o all the members.

As 2010 continues I hope to continue with my goals of helping and awareness also to end the question "What is Crohn's Disease?" THE WORLD WILL KNOW! I have some very simple ideas for spreading awareness - the first being a Crohn's Disease "Trending Topic" day on Twitter. I will of course update when more information is laid out.

CDSN has reached 341 members in just over 4 months on January 24th, 2010. Crohn's Disease Support Network - CDSN
The CDSN FaceBook Group has reached almost 225 members!
Lastly, the CDSN Twitter Account @CrohnsDiseaseSN is just about to cross 1000 members!


OK - I will stop rambling now - All my best to everyone, Jason

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