Friday, September 25, 2009


Don't want to curse myself...but I am feeling pretty alright! Not going to push it, but hopefully the rest of Friday will be like this =D Hope everyone else is having a good end of the week...and ready for a good weekend.



  1. Hi Jason its Amanda (Cookiebird)

    Seems like you have had a crappy week (perhaps the wrong word!!) Hope your weekend improves - still loving the blog and say hello to you fab Dad for me.

    Amanda xx

  2. Aww Thanks Amanda :) Yeah, not a great week. BUT most of yesterday was good. AND today I feel good :) No morning of misery woo hoo! You should join the social/support network I created. It is for people living with Crohn's AND their friends and families. :)
    I tell my dad about the great people I've met off Twitter and he is very happy that the support exisits :) I will tell him hi! haha