Friday, October 23, 2009

This past week...

Hello everyone! Just wanted to touch base, as I haven't been on the network much the last few days. I am having a flare up that is kicking my butt (no pun intended hahah). Haven't been sleeping well, on top of increased nausea and pain. I go see my GI on Monday, but I hope to feel somewhat better by than. Wanted to thank everyone for all their contributions, kindness, and compassion. I hope everyone else is doing well, with their chins up! -Jason

Been asleep most of the day. Woke up again at around 8pm, and still feeling like crap. If I don't feel better will have to be admitted to the hospital. Will update with the network! I hope to not have to go...

I woke up this morning and I feel pretty good! The last few mornings have been MISERABLE, so what a wonderful change. I am going to take it easy, let my body recoup, but pretty sure the worst is over. I look forward to a nice weekend, and the upcoming week. Halloween is always my favorite time of the year.

On a side note - Tomorrow is my mothers 8 year anniversary since she passed. I can think about her and smile again, but she is greatly missed. Love you mom!


  1. I hope you're feeling better! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to have a relaxing, pain-free weekend.

    So glad I got to meet your mom. You only had to know her for about four seconds to know she was an amazing person, and that she loved you very much.


  2. Thanks Susie!!! It's so nice to hear from you. I am feeling TONS better today thank you.
    I also am so glad you got to meet my mom. Out of all our friends you were one of the few. She was amazing - I can think about her and smile again...but still miss her.

    I hope you and Sander have an awesome weeekend! What are you two doing?


  3. hopefully monday's GI visit will bring a helpful approach to slaking your current flare. doesn't seem like you're feeling particularly functional :(

    Halloween is my favorite season as well, largely because of all the squash and pumpkin (which is excellent for Crohnies during flares, btw) and candycorn (which is one of the worst things a Crohnie can do to oneself during a flare).

    take care :)

  4. Thanks Ragamuffin. I was feeling pretty miserable put this weekend it has passed and have been feeling OK. Curious to what the doc is going to say. I'll blog about it afterwards. I appreciate your leaving a comment :)
    I love Halloween! It's a nice excuse to really tap into your innerchild. I never knew that pumkpin and squash were good for stomach. I am lucky cause I DESPISE candy corn haha...never liked it. :) Hope you are doing well!