Monday, November 2, 2009

A Happy Halloween....

Hello everyone! Just want to first off thank everyone for being apart of CDSN! Everyone's kindness, words of encouragement, and rallying have really helped more than any of you will ever know. I am also excited about the domain I purchased going into effect. I bought the domain through go-daddy woo hoo! Just another step in helping the network grow, to help out as many people as possible. Remember also, tweeters #CDSN hash tag and @CrohnsDiseaseSN for the network! Thanks!!!

I had an alright week, recovering from bad flare up last week. I took it easy pretty much all week. Today was nice, I got to go over to my sisters house. and visit with my nephews and her. It was so wonderful to see my youngest Nephew as I have not seen him since he was 2wks old; he's 7mos old now. I posted some pics, in his adorable little skeleton outfit. It was so nice to get out of the house, and have some fun. Being on the Humira my immune system is compromised. I've already had to be pulled off twice due to infection. My GI basically told be to quarantine myself - so I haven't really seen a lot of people lately (another reason I am so grateful for CDSN as it's an outlet for me).

I saw my GI on Monday, and she feels everything should stay with Humira. I don't know if it is working as well as when I first started in May, but I will continue. I hope everyone had a decent as possible week, and a happy Halloween!

Jason 10-31-09

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