Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday 11.15.2009 Exciting Title I Know!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to start off by thanking everyone who is apart of CDSN. I truly never imagined when creating this network, that people would actually find it. For years I lived my life with great friends, family - but never really knew anyone else with Crohn's Disease.

For me this is turning into an incredible experience. Before CDSN I had never created anything on the web, outside of my personal blog. Hearing the feedback from everyone have been humbling, cathartic, surprising, and somewhat life changing. I've made new friends who can fully understand. When I was diagnosed in 1999, after 14yrs of never knowing what was wrong. I was 19, a point when I was ready to finally embark on MY LIFE. Needless to say, staying in University or holding down a job was challenging. I always wanted to help people, since I was a kid. I had tried returning to University to be a social worker...still only have 4 credits lol. Long story short, I finally feel like I'm accomplishing something with my life; something to wake up for - helping people.

For way too long, I lived my life with Crohn's Disease running it. I've been on disability since 2005, I rarely want to leave the house for numerous reasons - whether it be a bathroom, pain, nausea, fatigue, worry of infection cause of a compromised immune system from Humira...I could go on. I felt *and kinda still do, working on it!* that staying home is easier - when there is a wonderful world around me that is in no way getting fully taken advantage of. In a way creating CDSN has started to help me re-enter my life; step out of limbo and start living again. I've kinda always been a relentless optimist, and never going to let Crohn's the best of me. I am DONE letting it run my life - I am ready to start living again, one day at a time. I am tired of Crohn's ruining so many wonderful opportunities, and relationships...I am someone LIVING with Crohn's NOT someone SUFFERING from it. Sure I know it's incredibly unpredictable and can never know really what is going to happen...but what is the worst that can happen? ....Will never know unless I try....

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read this...for being a CDSN member..for wanting to spread awareness about Crohn's Disease...for educating yourself in understanding the wide range of complexities that comes with Crohn's Disease...for being brave to share your stories.... Together as a community, we can let the world know about Crohn's Disease- put faces and stories to a disease that far too long has only been something people have heard of, or know someone living with it, but truly doesn't understand it.

I am going to stop rambling now... best wishes to everyone.


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