Sunday, October 10, 2010

1 Biopsy Back - 2 to Go!

I received the results of the first biopsy - the one they could do locally and not send out.

To no surprise came back positive for Hepatitis B. Unfortunately it also showed that the damage is moderate to extensive. It also appears that I definitely have had Hep B for 2.5-3yrs now as someone who first gets sick their numbers are very high - mine were low (which means I've had it for "x" period of time). The biopsy also confirmed the cirrhosis on the liver, which is also extensive.

The next step is the results of the 2 remaining biopsies to identify which strain of Hepatitis B I have - as some medications work better on certain strains and vice versa. The last biopsy is to rule out Liver Cancer which is something that chronic/advanced Hepatitis B can cause.

The goal of treatment is to keep the function of my liver better then it is, and to prevent the cirrhosis from spreading. Since I already have a fair amount of damage talks of a transplant have been discussed. I will know more after my next appointment which is on the 18th. The other two biopsies won't even be back until mid/late this week.

I am handling things slightly better - but still overwhelmed and scared. I know I have a lot of amazing people rallying for me ... which is incredible. I am very grateful for the simple comments and well wishes. I WILL FIGHT this damn disease - not going to roll over. The treatments available today are very promising - considering 10yrs ago there were NONE and it was essentially a death sentence. NOT ANYMORE!

All my best to everyone,


  1. I am so sorry for your recent diagnoses. I don't even know what else to say. I am praying for you and am here if you want to talk. :) ~Jenni

  2. Recently discovered your blog, so don't know much about you. What I do know is that Crohn's makes the strong part of us come out and that God won't leave you! I pray He gives you strength!

  3. Dear Jason, I went to your site and then found your news on your blog-I am so sorry and I want you to know that I am thinking of you and sending you my prayers, thoughts, meditations, and energy--I also wanted to tell you I know a woman here in Southern Vermont who has had Hep B for a number of years with severe liver damage, and she is maintaining a decent quality of life There are good days and bad days...Also, maybe you could look into acupuncture to help your liver function? hang in there--you are an amazing person!

  4. Thank you EVERYONE for the incredibly kind - sweet comments. I am truly humbled.

    dcdesignteamvt: Thank you for letting me know that! Everyone has good days and bad days I suppose :) I always wanted to try acupuncture... now I have more motivation to get it done.

    Sending all my best to everyone,