Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saw The Doctor Yesterday ...

I saw my Hepatologist (Liver Doc) yesterday and this is what I learned. My viral load (which means how many times the virus has replicated in my system) is very high at 110,000,000. The cirrhosis they saw is more extensive then they first thought. The doctor is starting me on a fairly powerful medication called Viread - originally approved by the FDA in 2001 to treat HIV patients, and in 2008 approved to treat Hepatitis B (HBV) patients

That is all I know right now ...I want to thank everyone for the incredible support! Thank you Thank you Thank you! As soon as I know more I will update.

All my best,


  1. Hey Jason, just read your post and I Have had you on my mind! I watched Reid's trailer, which is great--and then I went searching for your medical updates. Hang in there!@ Sending you some sunny warm good thoughts for healing! Dede

  2. Jason, Keeping you in my thoughts! Ami

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