Monday, December 21, 2009

Hope for Heather

I was on twitter last week, and met @FriedaW Her daughter at the age of 24 died last year of Colon Cancer after living with Crohn's Disease for ten years. Learn more about Heather at and her blog/memorial at Her story and blog is very powerful. An unfortunate example of how vital Crohn's Disease awareness is.

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  1. Hi! I'm from Spain and I have Crohn's disease too. I'm sick since I was ten. I'm going to star a blog of Crohn's my experience with Crohn's disease, like yours. When It will be created I'll put here the URL. If you understand spanish youwill be able to read it.
    I like reading the experience of other patients and your blog is very good for it. It's such a wonderful blog.
    I hope you will be good for as long as possible ;)
    A big hug! :P