Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LeMorning Show on Twitter

Hello everyone! I have not blogged in a while, forgive me? I have been busy with Crohn's Disease Support Network (CDSN) www.CrohnsDiseaseSN.com Things health wise have been OK. After leaving the hospital few weeks ago, I've since restarted Humira. I haven't been on it long enough again to notice any signs. I have been very tired, but taking it easy.

Yesterday morning I had an incredibly unique experience. There is a Twitter "Show/broadcast" that is kinda like The View. They are @LeMorning recommend following them if on Twitter! They are on from Gam EASTERN until 9am WESTERN - 6 FULL HOURS! You can join in on the show also by visiting: http://www.heralddeparis.com/ If you scroll down to the middle of the page, on the right hand side is the scrolling show.

This morning I received a tweet asking to describe what Crohn's Disease is. It was incredible to be able to spread awareness for Crohn's Disease!!! Below is a copy of the discussion.

Best Wishes,

Jason Leitman - CDSN Creator

Beginning of discussion:

(cc) Mel, my sister has crohns...it's pretty nasty. Here's a hint: if someone poops within minutes of eating and reeks of death..get checked

mel) Can you give us & listeners a bit of info on what #Crohns & #IBD is & symptoms?

RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow #Crohns cn effect ENTIRE GI tract from mouth-anus& affects Skin, Joints, & Eyes-children can stunt growth

RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow Crohn's is an Autoimmune Inflammatory Bowel Disease causes Protein TNF (tumor necrosis factor) 2 build up

RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow EVERYONE has TNF - people with Crohn's don't naturally dispel it, causing immune system 2 attack GI tract.

(mel) What is the difference between #Crohns & #IBD?

RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Diarrhea, bloody stools, appetite loss, anemia. It varies.

(mel)RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow does that help? <-Yes! I know more about #Crohns than when I arrived on #LeMorningShow today! #learn

(mel) Thank for informing/teaching/sharing with us @CrohnsDiseaseSN! #crohns #IBD #learn

RT @Jason31480 @LeMorningShow I've been living w/ #Crohns 24 yrs -10 diagnosed no remission & been on disability now since 05 from #Crohns

RT @CrohnsDiseaseSN @LeMorningShow and a blog about my experience with #Crohns http://jasonandcrohnsdisease.blogspot.com/ #CDSN

RT @Jason31480 @LeMorningShow thx again 4 tkng the time - it means a lot! I've started a letter campaign 2 @DrOz 2 run a#Crohns #IBD show

(mel) T'was a great time here this fine rainy (in LA) Monday, a special shout to @Jason31480 for educating us about #CrohnsDisease, TY!


Thanks everyone for all the support and encouragement!

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